a ride-share app designed for busy parents.

Parents can schedule a ride for their kids with other parents from the same activity or school through TAKID app to be sure it is fast, safe and inexpensive.

TAKID is a ride-share app designed for busy parents.
How will TAKID help grow your business?
It helps business owners to expand their clientele.
Below are 8 reasons
why business owners prefer to partner with this new ridesharing app:
Kids stop missing classes due to parent's schedule or car problems.
App users can bring in more friends into TAKID trusted circle.
Parents can stop worrying about arranging make-ups for missed classes.
New customers
Partners of TAKID can provide bonuses or unique features for parents.
Better and faster communications with parents regarding emergencies, cancellations, news, updates, possible advertisements, etc.
Users can build a social network to communicate with their fellow TAKID users and coordinate an effective schedule
Business owners will be able to grow their business as well as receive free publicity and advertisement while using the app.
No cost for business partners and for parents to use the App.
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