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TAKID is a kids carpool
5 reasons to use a new app for kids carpooling
You don't really want to trust your kids to drivers you don't know, right? With TAKID, you know the person that is driving your kid before you even download the app, as our drivers are parents of your kid's friends. The trust is mutual as well.
Save money
You always pay a flat fee for the ride, no matter of the distance. This way you can plan your budget ahead.
Make money
Stayed at home today? Want to earn some extra money or cover your gas while driving your kid to their activity? Get paid for picking up their friends who need a ride too. Sweet, it feels like you are getting paid to be a parent!
Busy life
Most parents have extremely busy schedules in addition to taking care of their kids' schedules. Many times this inhibits parents from keeping commitments or being able to schedule extra activities for themselves. TAKID will solve this by finding rides for your kids to their respective destinations so that parents can have extra free time in their lives.
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